Monday, November 15, 2010

Pain Level..about 8 :-( but we got drugs :-)

As soon as I published the last post the volunteers came and got us; both Amber and I were able to go visit my adorable husband in recovery, yay! I immediately counted fingers when I got to him...they took the correct finger and only the correct finger and yes Eric did ask to be sure. We were told that we couldn't have our phones on back there but they didn't say anything about not taking a big D90 camera so I snapped some shots. I showed Eric what his bandaged hand looks like and counted the fingers and thumb for him. (I wish I could show you all now but due to techinical issues I am using a guest computer in the waiting room and can't get the pics downloaded right now, but we'll post them soon.)
Anyhow, Eric is in quite a bit of pain, just before we went back the nurse had notated his pain at about an 8 and had given him some pain medicine,I already forgot exactly what it was. He does have a morphene drip that he is using, it only takes his pain down to about a 5 or 6 when he is able to push the button. He was anxiously awaiting for it to turn green so he could press it, it made my heart sad to see him in pain but he's a trooper. I didn't know he was in pain because he complained only because he answered honestly to inquiries. We were able to stay back there for about 20 minutes or so. Just before we left she asked about his pain level again and between morphene pumps he said it goes back up to 8 so she gave him another dose of the other pain meds.
As we visited he said ice chips have never tasted so good. He was just glad to have moisture in his mouth. He made jokes ofcourse. I asked if he had been entertaining the doctors and nurses and the nurse smiled real big. He managed to hurt himself by shaking his bootie in the bed. (We were discussing a review of body parts not taken at the time, lol.) I told him he could be as silly as he wanted but not if it caused him pain. He made a little pouty face that converted quickly to a smile. He was definately groggy but even in pain and on meds he was smiling. He asked what we had been doing and I told him I spent pretty much the whole time reading words of encouragement from all over the world. Again a big beautiful smile spread across his face.
I told him the details that I shared with all of you in the last post and I think he was comforted that we finally knew a bit more about what to expect. I gave him many kisses and caressed his hair as he drifted in and out between little chats and then the nurse said we needed to let him rest.
So now we are back in the waiting room, they said it could be many hours before he is moved to a room, it will depend on his pain levels and room availability ofcourse. At 6 p.m. we can go see him again for 30 minutes.
Thank you all for your prayers! I can't express how much they mean to us. In addition to praying through the details of today I just remembered another request I would like to share. A good friend of Eric's from Australia, Andrew, is coming to Dallas this weekend. We are suppose to go meet up with him and catch a Stars game. This would be the first time Eric has seen him in a decade and it would be my first time to meet him. He was one of Eric's closest friends in Australia and this visit would mean so much to all of us so please pray that we are able to make it as planned without too much discomfort for Eric.

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  1. Eric is a lucky man. if i were in his shoes i would love to have you by my side. Good job Brea!