Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's been a year

I've let the actual date I'm calling my "fingerversary" fly by a couple weeks ago but it has now been over a year since I became 1 guy with 7 fingers and 2 thumbs. So far the cancer last described as "Sarcoma: Favor low-grade" has remained absent and I am very grateful.

Brea & I were actually at White Sands National Monument on the actual fingerversary and it was amazing. I overdosed on photography but what can you really expect at such a stunning venue?

The other fingers are doing just fine, thanks for asking! They still talk about the missing Mr Middle but have become rather adept at getting on with daily life since his untimely demise. Halloween had them on edge a little bit as a prime haunting time but the only ghost sighting was the white plaster cast of my hand from before the surgery. Plans to carve a carrot and dress it to where it looked like a dangling, mostly severed Mr Middle never panned out which is probably just as well as there were a number of small children that may have been permanently scarred as they trick-or-treated at our house. 

But today I'm blogging about something a little different. The month of my fingerversary also happens to be Movember and I've been participating. We (a team started by fellow cancer survivor Roger M.) shaved our faces clean on November 1st and have been growing a mustache to help raise money and awareness for men's health (With a concentration on cancer prevention and treatment). Several guys in our neighborhood are involved and besides Roger, Paul E. has been a boss in raising over $700 so far. Today Movember is officially over but you can still donate by visiting the website!

If nothing else, please visit this page and read up about men's health:
There are some crazy statistics in there to read about but it all boils down to owning your health as much as you can. Get a check-up, get to know your family history, and work towards living a healthy lifestyle in diet and activity.

I've been doing a push-up and pull-up routine lately that's helped me feel a lot better and has had some surprising results in slimming me down too. The best part is that (at least with push-ups) it doesn't require anything but yourself and a floor but it still works your core (if you do them correctly). So please, get to it brothers!

November 1st
November 23rd

So now it's December and I'm very tempted to make it Decembeard. We'll see if Brea's had enough of facial hair for a little while though. I suppose she should get a vote...