Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Miracle - Not always flashy and not always what you'd expect.

I was just listening to a bunch of albums that I'd purchased but for one reason or another forgotten about. This one song came up and just struck a chord that resonated with me. The name and lyrics, as well as a video I just found by the artists explaining it further, is below. Although as far as I know, my battle with cancer is in a ceasefire, the line about cancer specifically caught my attention and given the nature of this blog, I had to share it. The sentiment in that couple of lines and the chorus is pretty much what was playing in my head and soul during the start of the cancer experience and these artists did a great job at putting it in music. 

The One You Need
by Shane & Shane

Every week I hear a story of a miracle
And if I’m honest I’m tired of seeing none at all 
I don’t need to see a dead man come alive 
All I want is you to fill me up inside 

I need You Lord
Even more than the air I breathe 
I need You Lord
Right away
I need You Lord
Every minute of every day
I need You Lord
Right away 

Today I’m asking for a miracle 
Anything you got God big or small
I don’t need to see the cancer go away 
All that I want is to know that it will be ok 

I need you I need you

Words by Shane Barnard
Full song available here: http://youtu.be/I8EJEUegKPE