Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good times

The time is getting closer. Houston, prepare for takeoff. Soon I'll be unable to eat or drink (plain ol water is also banned) until after the surgery which could be 2pm tomorrow. I'm also barred from using deodorant. Why, I have no idea but it'd your olfactory senses that'll be offended doc... I'll try and not get sweaty.

Today was a pretty great day actually. I got to play the kit for church, got to relax with some football, hang with some of the best neighbors ever for small group, see the Cowboys actually win a game, and to top it all off, jam out with Paul, Charis, Britain, Roger, Holly, Karen, Chris, and of course Brea. Hand percussion won't be easy with a healing hand for at least a month or two I imagine. It was good to say farewell to the finger by using it to play some stuff for the big G.

Just in case things move really quickly over the next 24 hours, I want to say thank you to all of you who have been encouraging, sending sympathies, and laughing with me at this crazy experience. It is amazing to me that there are so many people who care and I am very grateful for the many heartfelt interactions lately. It seems almost silly that all this nuttiness is over a finger. People lose fingers in accidents, people have worse troubles than I by far. It is at the same time a huge thing to face and also nearly trivial in the grand scheme of things.

I'm hanging in the balance between those two views and at this point the best way to deal with it seems to be the band-aid approach. Just get it done and get on with it. I think what makes it seem more difficult is the having to make a decision and intentionally walk into a permanent body alteration. It's not a piercing, it's not a tattoo. Roger, who is also battling cancer of a different sort and is someone I am very grateful for, put the issue into perspective. He said that it is going to be tough because it will serve as a daily, unavoidable reminder of something (cancer) that we'd like to just put behind us. You know the saying about knowing something like the back of your hand. Something that familiar is changing and it is permanent and it will pose challenges and adjustments to some common daily tasks. But hey, it's like getting a brand new toy to play around with. I'll be set for dressing up as cartoons or aliens and who knows, maybe it will actually be an asset for some tasks.

So lets do this. Game on.


  1. It's not "just a finger," it's the finger you've had your whole life, a part that God gave you for a purpose. A year ago the doctor mentioned removing an organ of mine, and even though I know it causes big problems, I still didn't want to let it go. It's strange but when we lose a part of our bodies we realize just how much it affects us, how much every part of us is something we do value, how important it is, every part of us. Praying for you, Eric, and sweet Brea as well.

  2. Just wanted to let you and Brea know you are loved and prayed for even in Ohio. Dee Holcomb

  3. You go, Eric! We will be thinking of you guys a lot today. Sorry we didn't get to hang out yesterday. We'll do it again soon when you're up for it. God speed.

  4. Just thought of a new possible benefit! If you ever get detained against your will while trying to stop an evildoer from acheiving his dastardly deed, it will be way easier to get your left hand out the ropes/handcuffs, escape, and save the day. Chalk another victory up to Super Eric.
    Good luck buddy. We love you!