Monday, October 11, 2010

Smiles :)

Hey there friends and family!
So you know that good news you've all been waiting for? I think some of it came in more officially just a few minutes ago...

Dr Lewis called and said that the pathology of the tumor that they (MDA) performed seems to suggest that the diagnosis be downgraded from synovial sarcoma to a low-grade sarcoma (less aggressive). The implications of this for that finger are still not clear because it was found at the margins of the biopsy (the tumor that was cut out) but with all things considered, it's still great news. So what's going to happen next is that Dr Lewis is going to go to a sarcoma conference tomorrow and maybe call Dr House (I kid) to confer with her fellow associates and (I'm pretty confidently assuming) experts in their fields. She may call me back late tomorrow, I may call Wednesday, it all depends on what all may happen with the conference and some other lab that is coming in that I forgot to ask about.

So needless to say Brea and I are pretty happy about the downgrade and even though the finger may still be a goner, I was able to ask and confirm that treatment wouldn't start until probably the beginning of November. That means that I'm especially happy because I'll be able to fulfill my commitment to photograph a wedding (Lord-willing, barring any unforeseen bumps in the road) that is coming up soon. By the way, many thanks to Ashley who knew about all this (thanks to fellow Eric H) and did not flip out (to my knowledge :D) as really she'd have every right to when your wedding photographer suddenly gets cancer and you find out the month of said wedding.

On top of all this, what has been a side note due to the prospect of the whole thing getting lopped off, my finger has been healing nicely from the surgery that exposed all this sarcoma nastiness. As you can tell from figure B to the right, it is pretty discreet already just 31 days afterward. So yeah, smile people!


  1. Awesome!! So glad to hear it's been downgraded. Praise the Lord!! What we've been praying for. Going to keep asking God for more miracles. Although the finger jokes have been pretty good lately. :)

  2. I think you're gonna get to keep it. it looks like it wants to stay attached.

  3. Woo Hoo, Heck to da Yeah dude.