Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good news?

This is just a quick update because we actually haven't heard back from the doctor yet. I did, however, get the MRI report and disc of images.

Without a medical eye for this, I have no idea what this actually means but it sure sounds good! Here are the "impression(s)" from each of the reports I have so far:

Ultrasound - Unremarkable left upper extremity ultrasound without evidence of pathologic adenopathy or mass.
X-ray - Negative chest
CT - No evidence of metastatic disease
MRI - Presumed post-surgical changes with no definite residual disease.

It would seem that this means that my condition is not very advanced which would be fantastic... but this isn't official word from the docs so I'm not holding my breath. :) Still, with nothing jumping out with alarm bells, I can't help but think that prayers are being answered.

So maybe we'll hear from MDA Monday, maybe... either way I'm not worried. It's the weekend baby yeah!