Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cancer gave me a metronome.

...or at least heavily subsidized it.

Don't get me wrong, I still think cancer is still a heck of a jerk, but at least it seems to be trying to make amends. A week or so ago, my friend/neighbor/fellow cancer survivor and thrive-er Roger and I went to a Live Strong focus group that was aimed at finding out what the needs of the young adult cancer community are. As a thank-you for our time, we got a gift card. Now, thanks to that thank-you, I'm the proud owner of a combination tuner/metronome which will help out especially with all the non-free-jazz I'm playing these days.

Upon second thought, it wasn't actually cancer that gave me that tool it was the nice folks at the University of Texas and LiveStrong. Stupid cancer...

I suppose if I wanted to get philosophical about this it would be possible...
Getting cancer acted as a sort of indicator of mortality and set an updated rhythm for my life. It hurried up the pace of things in it's own way. I now have scheduled checkups in regular intervals, much like a beat, it can tell me to hurry up or slow down depending on what happens, and it is sort of always beeping in my head any time I look at my hand or feel something odd there. Yes, cancer and this metronome thing do go hand in hand, pun intended (although seriously, I don't need any more hand cancer).

The scar is looking really good and depending on how light hits it and how I'm holding it, you might not even see it. The only thing that is curious to me at the moment is when and whether the surgical clips are going to make their exit. There are 5 in there still and I wonder if they're contributing to the pains that occasionally present themselves. We'll see what happens but for now I'm just rubbing in some SPF15 moisturizer to both protect the scarred skin and perhaps grease up these clip's exit.

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